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Introduction to ALPS

The A400M Logistic Portal System (ALPS) is the on-line business portal for A400M Materiel Support Services.

ALPS allows users from OCCAR A400M PD to manage provisioning orders placed by the Participating States through on-line reporting and monitoring functionalities, using internet/web technology.

ALPS is a user-friendly portal application based on proven technologies and is currently in operation for the A400M Airplane.

Access to ALPS is secure and is limited to authorized users.

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  • If you are repeatedly denied access, contact the ALPS HelpDesk.

ALPS HelpDesk

For any question related to ALPS, please contact:
NSPA, NATO Support Agency   Telephone:   +352 3063 6666
ALPS HelpDesk       +352 3063 6667
L-8302 Capellen   Fax:   +352 3063 4429
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg   Email: